Size chart

The following size chart makes it easy to choose the right size for your child. In our webshop we have the right to return and purchase the price of the purchased product as required

Please accurately measure your child to choose the most suitable clothes from our wide range of products!

Month/yearHeight (cm)EU sizeUSA sizeUK sizeWeightWaistline (cm)
0-3 m50-5650-56newbornnew baby3-5 kg43
3-6 m62-6862-683-6mos3-6mths5-7 kg45
6-9 m68-7468-746-9mos6-9mths7-8 kg47
9-12 m74-8074-809-12mos9-12mths8-10 kg49
12-18 m80-8680-8612-18mos12-18mths10-12 kg50
18-24 m86-9286-9218-24mos1 1/2-2 yrs12-13 kg51-52
2-3 y92-9892-9822-3yrs13-14 kg52-53
3-4 y98-10498-10433-4yrs14-16 kg53-54
4-5 y104-110104-1104 (xs)4-5yrs16-19 kg54-55
5-6 y110-116110-1165 (S)6 yrs19-21 kg55-57
6-7 y116-122116-1226 (S)7 yrs21-24 kg57-58
7-8 y122-128122-1287 (M)8 yrs24-30 kg58-60
8-9 y128-134128-1348 (M)9 yrs30-33 kg60-62
9-10 y134-140134-1409 (L)10 yrs33-38 kg61-64
10-11 y140-146140-14610 (L)11 yrs38-40 kg63-66
11-12 y146-152146-15211 (L)12 yrs40-42 kg64-68


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